wikiHow: How You Make Me Laugh

I’m an avid user of Wikipedia, despite the fact that you come across the untrue statement once in a while. (One day, while reading the article on Vin Diesel, I came across a sentence that accused him of being a “flaming [insert not-very-nice term for homosexual]”. Two seconds later, the comment was deleted.) But I still find Wikipedia immensely helpful. Heck, I won’t lie! Most of what I know, I’ve learned from Wikipedia!

I sometimes find myself surfing articles on wikiHow, Wikipedia’s far less serious “how-to” counterpart. I did a search for “college” on the site and it came up with a long list of articles. Right now, I’m reading an article called How To Be A Lazy College Student. Oh, boy. Here are a few of my favorite pointers this article mentions.

  • Check out teachers on RateMyProfessors. This can provide valuable information regarding how much homework the professor gives and how cool he/she is. Also, if you are rich, find out if the teacher accepts bribes.
  • Become addicted to a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game)
  • Before commencing school, gather up resources to help you fall back upon. Being the child of a rich business parent definitely helps.

However, I did come across some helpful articles – I just found that one funny. A few of the helpful articles were these:


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