But Who Am I?

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Now that I’ve already written 3 posts in this blog, it’s high time I explain myself- who I am, what my story is, et cetera.

My name is Jill. “Kill Jill” is simply an alias. (No, my parents weren’t cruel or anything.) I just turned twenty years old and I’m really looking forward to college. I applied for College X (trying to be slightly anonymous here; the college isn’t actually called “College X”) back in September. Unfortunately, acceptance letters aren’t sent out until late March. I just need needed a distraction from a few horrible thoughts of negativity (“Oh man… What if I didn’t get in??” for instance).

I applied for College X’s Journalism program. I figure, keeping a blog about my college stuff is a good enough way to keep me writing once a day. I also applied to live inone of the college’s dorms, Residence X. The building I applied for has apartment-style units instead of the regular old two-beds-per-room dealio. That way, I don’t have to deal with my awkward pickiness when it comes to food (i.e. in a cafeteria) and just eat what I like in the comfort and ease of my own kitchen. Plus, this residence is much closer than the other one. I applied to live with a roommate because, like most people, I don’t have the cash to spare, so living with someone I don’t know could lead to many interesting blog entries in the future.

I graduated last June but needed to take a year off to deal with some medical stuff. Now that I’m all better, I have nothing to think about, except my upcoming 2 years in college.
And just think. I might even get to someday be paid to write complete crap.


One Response to “But Who Am I?”

  1. Hey Jill,

    Welcome to the ring of college bloggers. And thanks for the link!

    Break a leg! 🙂

    ~Kelly Sutton

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