Applications & Appliances

Listening To: My Chemical Romance – Teenagers

My parents bought me a DVD player for college. It’s still early, but it was on sale, so what the hell. My grandmother got me a blender for my birthday- so I’m almost all set. Now, the only things left that I have to get before September are a cell phone and some silverware… and some plates… and pots and pans, obviously… and oh yeah- a printer… and some towels and face cloths… and maybe some bowls… and clothing hangers… laundry basket… bread knife… cheese grater… multi-use ear plugs…

Okay. Maybe I still have a lot of things to get before then. But it’s February, after all.

My mom and one of my friends have both recommended that I apply to a second college, just in case I don’t get accepted to College X. Both agree that I will be accepted- but things happen and I don’t want to be stuck with nowhere to go next year. The thing is, College X is the only place I want to go! But to satisfy their worries, I think I’ll apply to the university that’s quite close to College X. Their Journalism program can be done in combination with College X- so if I get accepted, it might be alright. Whatever. I’ll get into College and things will be great. But I’ll apply to this other place just in case


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