Money, money, money… Money!

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I spent a large portion of the day looking online for scholarships that I could apply for. I found Student Awards very helpful. (It’s a Canadian site. Yankees, you’re on your own.) I found several other bursaries and scholarships that I hadn’t found before. After signing up, the user takes a quiz and it matches you with the best bursaries and scholarships for you- all so you don’t have to go searching yourself. There’s also a forum for soon-to-be-college students and people who are already there.

I also happened upon this site that highlights several unusual scholarships and bursaries that are out there. These bursaries include:

  • Left-handed students at Juniata College.
  • People interested in Confectionary Technology (i.e. Candy-Making).
  • Tall people as well a people of short stature.
  • People who knit.
  • People who speak Klingon.
  • People who have the last name “Zolp” and attend Loyola University.
  • and a few others.

One Response to “Money, money, money… Money!”

  1. Good luck with the scholarships – I’ve found that on top of the grant money students receive, some of the best advice is to find a good job as well once you get to college. I hope everything goes well with admissions for you.

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