10 Places I Would Love To Work

I’m not sure if these places will be hiring when I get to College X but if they are, you know I will be applying there. The chances of me actually getting a job at any of these places are pretty low… but still. A girl can dream, can’t she?

  • 10. East Side Mario’s. This is my favorite restaurant. They have delicious food, awesome decor and a killer ambiance. Very chilled out. If I have to work as a waitress this fall, I hope it’s here.
  • 9. Movie theater. A bunch of my friends have worked at a movie theater. I figure, if they can do it, it can’t be that hard.
  • 8. Bowling alley. I like bowling. I suck at it, but I like it. The job seems fairly simple: sell snacks to hungry & thirsty bowlers and give out rental shoes. How hard could it be?
  • 7. Café. They’re hip, they’re chic. They’re European. I could spend my shift making yummy coffee drinks and chatting up all the hip, Bohemian customers. Fun!
  • 6. Music Store. These types of stores usually have alright music playing. However, I read somewhere that music stores have one of the highest rates of shoplifting compared to other kinds of stores. That sucks! It’s probably because CDs are easy to slip into the front of your pants… or so I’ve been told.
  • 5. Pet store. I would love to work in a pet store. This would be higher on the list but I think I would have a problem seeing some of the animals being taken from the store. (Also, I’ve heard some horror stories about the improper treatment of animals that goes in a certain pet store chain that will remain nameless.)
  • 4. Calendar Club. I freakin’ love this store. It would be higher but sadly, it’s only open for a few months a year.
  • 3. Tattoo shop. No, not as a tattoo artist. (You seriously think I would be going to college to study Journalism if I had the potential to be a tattoo artist? I don’t think so!) I would work at the desk, booking appointments and whatnot. This would easily be at the top of my list… except I would spend all my earnings on getting inked.
  • 2. Chapters (or another large book store chain). My friend works at a book store and she gets a rather large discount on books. Plus, I’ve always loved book stores. I could go into a book store, wander through the aisles, not even buy anything and still be pleased with myself.
  • 1. Michael’s. Seriously. For the amount of money I will be spending on scrapbooking stuff there, I should at least have an employee discount.

One Response to “10 Places I Would Love To Work”

  1. I feel i like to work only in my study .. thats it !

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