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Apparently, being a teacher’s pet all of senior year and Head Stage Manager for the musical is not enough for some teachers.

I went in to my former high school to pick up my recommendation letter from my guidance counselor. He said he wanted to get a small note from each of my teachers from last year so the things he said on the letter about me might actually be true. Well, I waited and waited and finally got called into his office.

Guess what. The letter wasn’t done, only because the teachers he spoke to haven’t gotten around to doing their part and scribbling Jillian is awesome and you should give her loads of cash (or whatever) on a piece of paper.

The trip into school wasn’t a complete waste. I got to pick up 2 forms for the 2 bursaries I’m applying for… I’m not going to bother with 1 of them though. This particular one is for students involved in the arts: dance, music, art, creative writing. I was looking at the form and it’s probably not worth my time applying for it. It’s probably for more hardcore artists: kids who have had dance lessons since age 4, musicians who started playing piano in the womb, etc.

But I have a pretty good chance at getting the other one, so I figure it’s worth a shot.


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