Questions To Ask While Visiting Campus

In my own research to decide what questions to ask while on my campus visit on Thursday, I found a few websites on the topic that others might find helpful.

At, they suggest asking some of these questions (and many more):

  • Do freshmen live in their own dorms? How do I feel about living in a single-sex or co-ed dorm?
  • Are the dorms quiet or noisy? Do they seem crowded?
  • What’s advertised on dorm and classroom bulletin boards? What does this tell me about campus life?
  • How easy is to get to places off campus? Are there places within walking distance?
  • Are there places to get extra furniture, like bookcases, for your dorm room?

And here are some questions that I am personally going to ask on Thursday:

  • Are students permitted to keep a fish tank in the residence?
  • What would an average weekly schedule be like?
  • What are all the classes included in the Journalism program?
  • Can we put posters on the walls of our room with sticky tack (since tape/tacks are not allowed)?
  • Do rooms of the residence come with a toaster and/or microwave?
  • How much clearance is available underneath the beds in the residence (for storage purposes)?

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