Campus Tour!

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So, yeah. Went on my campus tour to see College X and Residence X. This morning before we even left the house, we got a call from the lady at the post office (she’s pals with my mom). There was a letter from College X for me. I got pretty excited because I assumed it was my acceptance letter. It wasn’t, but it was still a good thing: my residence acceptance letter. Didn’t think I would be accepted into the residence without being accepted to my program first… but okay…

Drove and drove and drove and finally got to the city that College X is located in. I’ve never been in What We Will Hence Refer To As City X. It’s kinda cool. Not too big, which is good for a small town girl such as myself. It’s got a cool, old historic downtown as well as some big major department stores downtown. And it doesn’t seem like a place I could easily get lost in- but I’ll probably keep a small map in my pocket for the first little while. I can see myself doing a lot of walking now. I didn’t get to see much of City X but will have a chance to next year.

At 1:00 PM, we met up with a rep from College X and she took my parents and I to the Journalism section. I met one of my profs and he explained about the course. I dread the thought of having to think about math, science and politics- but it’s part of the whole package. I didn’t mention to the guy that my main goal in the future is Entertainment Journalism. He didn’t seem like the kinda guy who would enjoy or respect that type of writing. Well, I’ll be sure to let him know eventually. All in good time.

At 1:40, we drove down a few streets to Residence X, where we were met by another rep. She showed me around the building and showed me one of the units. Honestly, the place is gorgeous. It’s a brand new building. It even smells new. There’s a common room on ever floor as well as a laundry facility. The units are actually bigger than I thought they were! The unit I will be in includes a full kitchen (I only have to bring plates, bowls, silverware, my blender, a toaster and- if I want to- food), full bath (I have to provide a bath mat, a shower curtain and- if I want to- toothpaste and shampoo) and 2 bedrooms. Each bedroom comes with a desk, double bed, TV stand, TV, night table, closet and high-speed internet. A phone is also provided in each room, something I did not know but like the idea of it. (In the future, I will likely write an in-depth article about cell phones, why I’m not crazy about them but have to get one.)

I told the rep about getting my acceptance to residence but not being accepted into my program yet. She smiled and said she wouldn’t have been able to accept me into the residence if I hadn’t been accepted into the program.

“Act surprised when you get your acceptance letter in a few days,” she said.

And then we went home.

SO! All in all, a very good day. My program sounds great, I know where my classes will be, I’m liking City X (of what I have seen of it), my residence is hoppin’ and, apparently, I’ve been accepted.

Although, I will avoid celebrating my acceptance until I actually get it in the mail.


4 Responses to “Campus Tour!”

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  2. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading all the College X stories… or College Y if you choose to go that route of course.

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  4. “Although, I will avoid celebrating my acceptance until I actually get it in the mail.”

    So true, and so well put. Anything but the actual acceptance letter just doesn’t do the trick, does it? I remember celebrating after finding out where I got in over the internet but never QUITE letting loose until the concrete letter arrived.

    Great blog, glad things are going your way!

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