Credit Cards: A Brief Discussion

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First of all, I’d like to announce that my first article on the myUsearch Blog has been published! You can go and check it out here: College Sites: To Trust or Not To Trust.

In my last entry, I mentioned putting instructions on how to make a very cool garbage can for your dorm room. And then this afternoon, I put my very cool waste basket into storage before I took any photos of it. Stupid me. So, that how-to article will have to be postponed for a bit.

Okay, onto the credit stuff.

If having a good credit rating wasn’t so important, I don’t think I would even have a credit card. But because I am a big fan of being prepared for things, I’m going to apply for a credit very shortly.

I got a “Congratulations, you lucky thing! You’ve been pre-approved for a credit card! You go on with your bad self!” letter yesterday. I’ve gotten a couple in the past but I’ve never opened any of them until yesterday. I’m guessing they have particular letters they send out to the younger set. My introductory letter mentions “the latest mp3 player”, which made me laugh. I love when tradition-ish businesses and companies and honestly out-of-touch people try to appear “hip” and in tune with the youngin’s.

I know the risks of getting a credit card, but others might not. The main risk is over-spending. I’m planning to get a credit card and use it for emergencies only. Because you just never know. Something I made sure of when I was considering this particular credit was whether or not they charge an annual fee. They do not. That’s good. I’m hoping I don’t have to use it at all and having to pay even a few bucks for something I don’t use seems like a shame. And the lower the interest rate, the better.

I found this helpful article at WikiHow: How To Choose Your First Credit Card.

I also found this article at about why it’s helpful for students to have a credit card.


2 Responses to “Credit Cards: A Brief Discussion”

  1. “And then GOB realized… he had finally worked a day in his life.”

    Love the quote. And you’re brave. I solve the problem of overspending by simply not having a credit card. Clearly you have more will power.

  2. I think getting a credit card when I opened my own checking account freshman year is pretty much the only mistake I’ve made in my three years of college…lol

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