Would you prefer a passenger pigeon?

Listening To: Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit / College Countdown: 130 days

I filled out an entrance bursary for College X this afternoon. I won’t get to mail it out tomorrow because I’ve got my third shift at the store, but hopefully it’ll be sent out on Thursday. I hate to fill out a budget outline and write a letter including my past work experience and community involvement.

And then, at the bottom of the instructions, it says “No envelopes please.”

Uhh… okay. Would you prefer I send the application to you via passenger pigeon? Because I’m sure I could work something out.

Here is a list of other ways I could send the entrance bursary to the college. Enjoy.

  • passenger pigeon
  • message in a bottle
  • in a small box
  • in a big box
  • in a medium-sized box
  • paper airplane
  • personal delivery (like when people “get served”, sort of thing)
  • sled dogs
  • baked in a pie
  • Morse Code (or Braille, even)
  • mp3 format

Anyhow. I’ll be calling the phone number they give on the paper in the morning and asking them which method of delivery they would prefer.


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