Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week: The Tudors

I’ve been a fan of Tudor history for years. When I heard that Showtime was producing a historical drama about Henry VIII and his relationships, beginning in the mid 1520s, I was nervous and hesitant. I’m a fan of several Showtime series’ and I’m fully aware of what the producers like to include in their shows: whatever curse words they choose and at least one or two sex scenes. But Showtime proved me wrong.

I’m not saying that there’s no cursing (because there is) or sex scenes (because- oh my!– there is) but this show really has impressed me. There’s four episodes left to air of season 2. Sir Thomas More was just executed and Anne Boleyn can now only assume that her time as queen could be running out. The acting of Natalie Dormer (“Anne Boleyn”) has really impressed me this season, especially more recently, and I think Jonathan Rhys-Meyers (“Henry VIII”) is doing well too- but Dormer outshines him every episode.

I consider myself a history snob when it comes to the Tudor dynasty, but I try to ignore and forgive all historical inaccuracies in The Tudors. I know (most of) these changes are made to enhance the story… and I guess that’s okay.


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