99 Days Left. Whoa.

College Countdown: 99 days

Whoa. Ninety-nine days left. That’s quite awesome.

I told my boss this at work yesterday. (Except yesterday it wasn’t “99 days”. It was 100. Dur.) She seemed surprised that I was counting down the days until college- or, as I also call it, freedom.
“You think being in college is freedom?”
She snickered.
“Freedom from (insert name of community I live in),” I clarified.
She seemed to understand that.

Student loan forms come out on June 1st- or so I’m told. I guess you can do it right online. That’s good because I don’t have a printer. Okay, well, I guess we have a printer… it’s just not functioning right now. But it equals to the same thing.

I’m also looking into cell phones these days. I’ve never bought one before, so this is an all-new experience for me. I guess I’m not getting it here because I don’t want a local number. So, I have to wait until I move to City X. Because I don’t talk on the phone a lot, I’m going for the pay-as-you-go method. I’ll try that out for a while but if it gets too pricey, I’ll just have to switch to the monthly thing.


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