I’m worried…

Listening To: The Kills – Cat Claw
College Countdown: 87 days

I filled out my student loan form online the other day. What a pain. Social insurance numbers, tax information… actually, just numbers in general. Blech. I’m not a fan. The fact I have to take a math class next year makes me gag. I’m a writer, not an accountant. The only person in my entire family who is even the least bit good at math is my cousin. I guess she wants to take Accounting at College X next year. Of course, she’s changed her mind about six times in the past year. So, we’ll see what actually happens there…

Anyhoozle. I’m worried because on the student loan form, they didn’t ask how much my residence costs. To stay at Residence X actually will cost me more than what my program will. They just asked if I’ll be living on campus or at home and how many kilometers is my home from campus. (For the record, it’s 212.)

What I’m saying is… if I don’t get the full student loan amount, I’m kind of screwed. Hard-core.


One Response to “I’m worried…”

  1. Financial Aid is a BITCH!! I just received my award letter for next year and I’m only getting 13,000 when it costs 28,000 to attend. Now I’m running around checking admission deadlines for other schools and contemplating a semester off! I wish you luck with your fin. aid.

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