Mail, mail everywhere!

College Countdown: 83 days
Listening To: The Happy Anarchy – Is That Right

First of all, I just wanted to mention that I did a link exchange with College Being. (Make sure to visit!) In other news, it would appear that I have a job next summer working at the same store I’m working at right now. It’s a good gig. I like the two women I work with. My boss is more than fair and I like the hours that I work. So, that’s good news.

I got 3 pieces of mail today, one from my student loan thingy, one from my former high school and one from my college. (They say all things come in groups of three…)

  1. I applied for a student loan a few days ago online and this piece of mail was just a form I had to sign and send back to them. No biggie.
  2. The second letter was about a bursary I applied for. 😦 I didn’t get it. They stated that they couldn’t award me that bursary because I didn’t graduate this year. (I explained fully in my essay that I had to take a year off due to an illness… I found that a little unfair.)
  3. I finally got my residence handbook and questionnaire from my college!! I’ve been browsing the handbook and I think I’m going to like living there next year. I’m taking a road trip with a friend to City X in July and I have a room reserved at the residence, as it serves as a hotel during the summer. I mean, I saw the inside of it when I visited campus in April but it was a very quick look.

With the handbook came a form to fill out so they can best match me with a roommate. Here’s what my roommate questionnaire looks like and what I’m likely going to fill in for my answers:

1. What are your interests? (Playing a musical instrument, reading, sports, etc.)
Writing, reading, web design, photography, TV, movies, painting.

2. Please check the most appropriate statements.

  • I consider my personality to be: outgoing / average / quiet and private
  • I prefer the temperature of my room to be: warm / average / cool
  • I prefer to study with music: always / often / seldom / never
  • I listen to music: a lot / sometimes / not often
  • My music preference is: rock / top 40 / alternative / dance / country
  • I prefer my room to be: very neat / medium neat / free style
  • I like to socialize: a lot / sometimes / never
  • I like to go to sleep: before midnight / after midnight
  • I wake up at: 7:00 on weekdays, 10-ish on weekends
  • I prefer a roommate: who drinks / who does not drink / no preference

3. Please answer the following questions:

  • I smoke: yes / no
  • I can live with a smoker: yes / no
  • I drink alcohol: yes / no
  • Do you mind lending things or letting others use them: yes / no
  • Do you like to fall asleep to TV or music: yes / no

4. Do you have any allergies? If so, explain.

5. Is there any other information you would like us to consider when we are doing roommate selection?
Please don’t make me live with someone with poor grammar… unless you want them dead.

(That last answer was just a joke… well, kind of. I do consider grammar an important component in people. People with poor grammar just really bug me. Just ask my grandmother. I’m forced to correct her all the time.)


2 Responses to “Mail, mail everywhere!”

  1. I remember when I had to fill out an application to stay on campus last summer. For the upcoming semester, I have a room reserved. I am not sure who is the roommate, but I am curious and anxious. I hope you find staying on campus fun and horrible, but it is worth making friends and being closer to all the activities and young people hang out spots.

  2. I emailed you and added your link as well.

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