Student Loan Calculator

I was reading an article on the myUsearch blog (“Don’t Become a Slave To Your Student Loans”) and the article included a link to a Student Loan Calculator (located on the FinAid! website).

This calculator quickly gives you some important information: the price of your monthly loan payment, how many payments you’d have to make, the total of all your payments and how much interest you will be paying in that time.

All you have to put into the calculator is: what your loan balance is, the interest rate on the loan, loan fees (if any), how many years you would like to pay off your loan and the minimum payment per month.

Click here to visit the Student Loan Calculator.

The FinAid! website also includes several other coat calculators that might interest the college student.


One Response to “Student Loan Calculator”

  1. Ah. A sweet post on student loans. Majority of that was my aid for the 07-08 year. I find it good for student to use these helpful tools that various websites offer to help us out. I am at the start of reading and looking into loans and all that good stuff since I am approaching adulthood. Hopefully I will not have to to fall into the bottomless pit of loans or any repay back situations.

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