Class of 1?

College Countdown: 55 days

Before I blog about my life, I just want to remind readers of the contest that’s on right now: Unique Storage Ideas! The person who has the best idea gets permanently linked on this blog. Click anywhere in this paragraph for more details!

As far as I know, my Journalism class starting this Fall is full. At least, that’s what the school website said. I’m just a little worried because I can’t seem to find any first tear Journalism students on Facebook. I’ve found several students going into their second year and have befriended them- but I have yet to find any of my own classmates. My residence roomie will probably be a first year Journalism student but we don’t get our assigned roommates until later this month.

My Dell laptop (a red Inspiron that I’ve named Cherry Bomb) should be arriving this week. I’m stoked to actually have it in my hands and use it. The computer I have been using for many years (named “Peachy”) is long past retirement age. So, getting a laptop before school was a very good decision on my part. I have a load of stuff to back up still but I’ve burned a few DVDs. I mostly just have my programs and some pictures to do.

As for everything else that is going on with me right now… it’s all very dull and monotonous. I work five evenings per week, I blog, I play computer games, I go on Facebook, I sleep, I eat and soon I take the occasional dip in the pool. I’m going on a trip with my best friend later this month, so I’m pretty excited for that. We’re actually staying at my residence overnight, since it serves as a hotel during the summer.


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