Student loan stuff. Oy.

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I got an envelope of student loan stuff back today. I’m not going to say how much I got, but I will say that I got about $2,000 over the cost of my tuition and residence. I just hope $2,000 will last me. I’ll probably make around $800 during the rest of the summer and I have to try not to spend too much during my my road trip at the end of the month.

Of course, they took into consideration the amount of money I would be making over the summer… There was no place on the original assessment form that asked “Do you plan to buy a kick-ass laptop with a red cover, integrated webcam, 3 Gigs of RAM and a 17-inch glossy screen?” I would have checked yes, if they had asked. But they didn’t. That’s not unfortunate.

Of course, Mom said “Surely two thousand dollars would cover your food.”
Me: “And other stuff.”
Mom: “Movies, liquor, clothes.”
Me: “Don’t worry. I’ll just buy my vodka in bulk.”


3 Responses to “Student loan stuff. Oy.”

  1. “Don’t worry. I’ll just buy my vodka in bulk.”

    LOL. Terrible.

  2. You can get that laptop for $600.

    Tricks of the trade : )

    Right now, by the way, Microsoft is doing cashback up to 30% on a lot of items, another factor to consider. But I guess by now you’ve already got the laptop?

  3. I bought the laptop in July, got it in the mail in early August. It’s red, it’s amazing and it’s my baby. I paid a pretty penny for it, but I’m glad I did. This way, I won’t have to upgrade for a long time.
    I named her Cherry Bomb. And I love her.

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