Several Articles Of Interest

College Countdown: 46 days

Before I get to the articles, I wanted to again remind readers of my on-going contest, UNIQUE STORAGE IDEAS. Winner gets permanently linked on this blog! Click here to read more about it!

Two articles to tell you about today that would likely interest the college student (or the student heading to college, such as I). Both articles are currently on the front page of the myUsearch blog.

The first was written by moi: Journalism Degrees For A Web 2.0 Generation. The article talks about Journalism schools and programs that are implementing new media into the curriculum.

(I do believe that we’re going to learn about making videos in my own Journalism program, starting in September, but you won’t find my school on the list.)

The second article was written by myUsearch co-creator and editor (and my pal), Elizabeth Kudner. Her article is a helpful resource for dorm room shoppers. This article discusses mini fridges, laptops, backpacks, printers and TVs. Check out College Dorm Items Worth The Investment.

Also, this article caught my eye as well: The Ten Commandments of Finding College Housing. Moving out of the dorm and into an apartment? You might want to take a look at this.


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