And the roommate is…

It’s still only July and I’ve gone through two residence roommates already. The residence manager messaged me and asked me if I would mind living with someone from the Caribbean and I said sure, that sounds good- except my only stipulation was that she be a non-smoker.

Turns out, she was a smoker… so she was paired with someone else.

Then the res manager messaged me again, this time to pair me with my second roomie of the day. Her name is Ashley and she’s seventeen, fresh out of high school. I Facebook-stalked her today and she’s quite pretty. (Dammit.)

I’m twenty… and yet I feel about a bazillion years old… and will likely continue to feel old until the end of my first year in college.

[sarcasm] Awesome. [/sarcasm]


3 Responses to “And the roommate is…”

  1. Roommate matching was such an anxiety experience for me! Mine turned out to be OK, but it definitely was not a friendship that will go down in history. I hope it works out.

  2. Darn.. hit the wrong button. I remember last year and the same this year in a way, that I was a bit nervous and anxious to meet my roommate. We have the same one for the entire year unless they move out into another room or out of housing. I am anxious and nervous to get a new one since I kind of got use to the last one.

    I hope all goes well with you the rommate and hopefully there will be not be anymore issues with housing on campus.

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