Roommate & Fancy-Free

College Countdown: 37 days

More than ever, I realize how useless I am without the internet. I feel… like I don’t know anything. If I see something on TV that interests me, I immediately go to my computer and look it up.

My internet was out for a few days. But after a service call from a tech guy (with an extremely annoying laugh), our internet is now back. And I have to go to work soon and I have several significant emails that need responding to… but they shall have to wait.

It came to my attention a few minutes ago that I’m once again without a roommate. The child- er, I mean person- that I was going to room with has opted to live with a friend also attending college. (I, on the other hand, opted to not live with my friend attending the same college because we would likely drive one another insane.) So, I’m roommate-and-fancy-free, once more.

(Ex-Roomie: If by the slightest chance you are reading this blog entry, the “child” remark is only about your age and not your maturity level in any way, shape or form. I hold no grudge… I wouldn’t want to live with me either.)

As for my other college-related news, I have located a classmate. I got her name through my residence manager. I guess this person and I are the only 1st-year-Journalism students in the residence. Hmmm. That’s a bit odd, in my mind. Are we Journalism-types too cool for staying in a dorm? Perhaps.

My road trip is in two days. I’m very, very excited about it. 🙂 I’ll share details about the trip and post pictures of our hotel (which serves as a residence- my residence- during the school months) when I get home.

Is it scorching in anyone else’s world, these days? I feel like I’m in a freakin’ oven here. Yow!


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