Don’t do it, MTV!

It’s bad enough that MTV has gone from a television channel that features music videos to a television channel that features reality shows and shitty music- it’s now out to ruin classic musicals, too.

Apparently, MTV plans to make a made-for-TV remake of the cult musical classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As a loyal fan of the film, I had to post something on my blog about this. People: please, please, please, please do not watch this travesty. It’s currently planned for a Halloween release- but still: DON’T WATCH IT. (Click here to read the full article.)

(P.S. You see this action figure of Dr. Frank N. Furter? It’s mine.)

In other news, addictive and insanely popular social networking giant Facebook (*heart*) has released a beta version of its new layout design. It is a major change from the previous design… when everything was easy to navigate ‘n stuff. I have to say what I’m sure has been said already: the new design is terrible. Like, it’s really bad. It’s hard to find stuff and the design is just displeasing to the eye- my eye (or eyes, rather) anyway. The maintainers of Facebook needed to do a redesign because applications were making the user’s page very crowded and hard to navigate. To solve this, they have added tabs in order to help the user navigate between sections: Wall (which shows any new wall messages and your recent actions… all mashed up together), Info (Basic, Personal, Contact Info, Groups, etc.), Photos (this I like- much faster, easier way to browse between photo albums) and Boxes (where all your ugly stupid applications go). The user also has the option of adding another tab for a favorite application.

As of right now, Facebook users have the option to go back to the Facebook layout they are used to. However, this is a temporary option so I’m taking the time to get used to the ugliness that is the new layout. We all know that all those hundreds of application invites stopped a lot of people from using Facebook. Will this ugly new layout scare off a few more users? Only time will tell.


One Response to “Don’t do it, MTV!”

  1. Ahh you fret to soon, the new Facebook isn’t compatible with older browsers, so it would seem they’ll HAVE to leave the option of classic or risk losing a significant number of users due to sheer compatibility issues.

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