Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week: Dream Moods

(Yes, I realize this “Awesome Thing of the Week” is a day late. I was without internet access for a few days- gimme a break.)

After a strange dream about my first day of college, I decided to go to a website I have visited many, many, many times before: the Dream Dictionary at Dream Moods.

I’m a big fan of this website. All you have to do is type in something you saw in your dream (type of person [celebrity, grandmother, etc.], object, place, whatever) and it tells you what your dreams are trying to tell you. I’ve found myself confused by dreams all the time. I really do believe that sometimes, there’s something to dreams- something important.

The rest of the Dream Moods website is pretty nifty, too. It talks about common types of dreams (naked, chasing, falling), sleeping and just general dream knowledge.

One Response to “Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week: Dream Moods”

  1. I go to this website regularly. I have a science project to do and because i love to sleep i chose dreams as my topic. Dream Moods is a realy good website i dont have to go anywhere else to get my meanings, Thats AWESOME!!!!

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