The Dreaded Freshman 15

The fear of college freshmen everywhere: the freshman 15. Here are some articles to help you avoid the dreaded Freshman 15.

+ myUsearch: Are Cocaine and Cigarettes the Only Ways to Fight the Freshman 15?
“Be realistic about what you are willing to give up.”

+ wikiHow: How to Not Gain the Freshman 15
“Don’t take the bus—walk to your classes.”

“The freshman 15 challenge is to stay fit and eat healthy while maintaining a very busy schedule.”

+ eHow: How To Avoid The Freshman 15
“Eat smaller meals more often rather than infrequent, large meals.”

+ Hot Topics In Nutrition: The “Freshman Fifteen”
“Alcohol and alcoholic beverages contain hidden calories (80-150 or more per drink) that tend to be stored as body fat.”

+ [Here’s an update to this list.] An entire blog about college health can be read at Student Body.

3 Responses to “The Dreaded Freshman 15”

  1. This is a good collection of resources. I’ve looked at so many of those sites too, and they all give good advice, but it just seems like some of the dieticians don’t even remember what it’s like to be at college. I address the subject at

  2. Thanks so much for the links! I really appreciate it.

    Also wanted to let you I enjoy your blog! I linked it on mine as well.

  3. Freshman 15? What a myth!

    With the way I’ve eaten every year (not to mention my serious lack of real exercise), by now, I should have gained the College 30…

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