School Supplies Shopping A-Go-Go!

College Countdown: 25 days

Since I had to take a year off before heading to Ye Olde College, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to buy school supplies. Although it’s not quite close enough to September for crowds of parents, children and teenagers to be surrounding the school supplies section, it was evident yesterday that School Supplies Buying Fever had already begun. Tweens tossed Hannah Montana folders and Jonas Brothers pencil cases into the overflowing carts of their exhausted-looking mothers. I saw one younger child who was far too busy investigating the inner workings of his left nostril to pay much attention to what his mom was buying for him.

And there I was, bewildered and lost, as I scouted around for school supplies. No Hannah Montana or Jonas Brothers for me though. I was looking for a few items of higher important. And this is what I got:

My new toaster = <3

My new toaster = ❤

  • 1 black Hamilton Beach toaster *
  • 1 laptop lock
  • 1 laptop case (that actually looks more like a large tote bag)
  • 1 package of Hilroy looseleaf
  • 1 package of staples (includes 5000 standard staples)
  • 1 package of yellow highlights (includes 4)
  • 1 shower curtain (with palm trees!) *
  • 1 package of mechanical pencils (contains 2 pencils, 3 extra erasers and 0.5 lead)
  • 1 package of sticky tack
  • 1 14 ft. Belkin Ethernet cable
  • 4 posters (which I bought online when I got home)

* = Items that I would discuss with my roommate… if I had one.


2 Responses to “School Supplies Shopping A-Go-Go!”

  1. I love back to school shopping, except for the fact that I always buy more than I need. Thankfully I didn’t have to step into that aisle this year and blow all my cash.

  2. A shower curtain? In a dorm, you have a bathroom to yourself (and your roomie, of course)? If so, that’s awesome! What school are you going to? My goodness.

    So far the only “school shopping” I’ve done is for my books and that was quite depressing…lol

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