Phone Cards vs. a Cell Phone

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First of all, let me say: I’ve never had a cell phone of my own and I’ve only used a calling card once. I know, I’m so old-fashioned and behind in the times. I get it. I just have never been a big fan of talking on the phone so I didn’t see a point in getting one. (Plus, all those little teeny-boppers in the mall, texting their little teeny-bopper friends from dawn ’til dusk- it just annoys me to no end.)

For the past year or so, I’ve been planning on getting a cell phone upon moving away from home and starting college. I was planning to go with a pay-as-you-go plan so I wouldn’t be paying for more than I’m actually using it. Recently, however, someone came into the store I work at and asked to buy a phone card. Apparently, this particular customer doesn’t own a phone or a cell phone- so she buys a phone card. That got me thinking- buying phone cards could be a potential option for me, as well. That way, I wouldn’t have to buy a phone at all or pay for any minutes I use.

Here are some pros and cons for cell phones and phone cards. Know of any pros/cons I should add? Comment and I’ll add them. (Also, if you use phone cards, let me know which kind you use most.)

PRO (for cell phones): Convenient. Always with you. Good for emergency situations when away from a land line.
CON (for cell phones): Sometimes cannot get a signal on a cell phone.

PRO (for phone cards): Good for people who don’t talk on the phone a lot.
CON (for phone cards): Have to be used on a home phone or pay phone.

PRO (for cell phones): Many cell phones are now multi-purpose: texting, camera phones, voice mail, mp3 players, etc.
CONS (for cell phones): You have to pay extra for all these extra goodies.

PRO (for phone cards): Talking on these phone cards often times costs you less than talking on a cell.
CON (for cell phones): You have to buy a new card whenever you run out of minutes, rather than having the option of your bill coming to you.

Okay, kiddies. I wanna know your thoughts on this situation- cell phone or phone card?


5 Responses to “Phone Cards vs. a Cell Phone”

  1. Once you get your own cell phone you will never go back. I resisted for a long time until my wife made me get one. Now I don’t leave home without it. I could never switch to a calling card.

  2. I vote for the cell phone. The convenience is worth it. I had one that operated on “phone cards”–you buy a $20 card and the phone counts minutes (Virgin Mobile). I realized I was spending way too much money on the cards and got a phone with a plan but no contract. I pay $45 or so a month for phone service + texting, picture messaging, email, internet, etc.

    I’ve had a cell phone since I was in junior high because I traveled out of state regularly and needed to keep in touch with the parental unit…lol
    I love my phone. Just like lipgloss, I don’t leave home without it.

  3. I would have to say cellphone. I always have mine in my purse and I am always somewere that I have service 99% of the time. I personally think that calling cards are just outdated and only for emergencies when something happens to your phone.

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  5. Why not buy the cell phone AND use a phone card for your international long distance; it’s WAAAAAY cheaper than direct dialing internationally. Sounds like a no-brainer decision to me. (: GOOD LUCK!

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