Dorm-Friendly First Aid Kit (Part 2): Jill’s Kit!

One of my very first articles on this blog was Make Your Own Dorm-Friendly First Aid Kit. I said I would post photos of my kit when it was finished and I never got around to doing that… until today. So, here it is: my first aid kit!

(For those who are curious, the words on the cover of my first aid kit are from the song “Bandages” by The Hot Hot Heat.)


One Response to “Dorm-Friendly First Aid Kit (Part 2): Jill’s Kit!”

  1. Hahaha! Completely off topic of your sweet home-made first aid, I bought that same box from Dollarama a few weeks ago!

    PS: You’ve definitely put a lot of thought into this! My mom has decided just to buy me one instead of letting me take things from home. Love how you’ve personalized it with song lyrics, making not-so-obviously a first aid kit.

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