STA = No Strings Attached.

College Countdown: 22 days

Sites like Craigslist and Kijiji sometimes make me feel poor- because I still can’t afford the furniture listed on there. Most of the time, however, they make me laugh. And it’s because of the personal ads.

No, trying to find your soulmate is no joke. I’m not sure doing it this way is the way to go, but I’ve heard a few stories about people finding their true love this way- so what the hell.

Sadly, there are more people looking for a “discreet, casual encounter” or “STA” (“No Strings Attached”). (Sometimes known as “don’t call my house the day after we get together in case my wife answers.”)

So, I was bored this morning and I surfed onto the personal ads. (For the record, I do this occasionally. No, I’m not looking to find the man of my dreams in this tacky way- it just makes me laugh want people are looking for in another human being.) The following are the best ones I found today. (I won’t say where I found them or use the exact same phrasing, just the general basics.)

  • The term “well-endowed” comes up a lot.
  • Other popular terms include “kinky”, “nasty” and “well hung”.
  • 40-year-old man looking for 18-year-old woman.
  • Looking for younger men or cops.
  • Cougar hunting.
  • I just want my $%#@ played with.
  • Looking for an older woman to teach me.
  • and, my personal favorite…
  • 60-year-old married man looking for 19-year-old Japanese girls.

Know of any other good ones you’ve seen? Comment and I’ll add them!

P.S. Go read Jamie’s article over at Surviving College Life: College Dorm Décor on the Cheap. I’m also a fan of her article, written for freshmen (like moi), What To Expect Your First Week of College.


2 Responses to “STA = No Strings Attached.”

  1. I saw one the other day where a woman was trying to give her husband away and listed his breed/stats. lmao

  2. moriogawa Says:

    You know, at least they’re being honest… *shrug*


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