Photos from College!

College Countdown: 21 days

I love photography. Like, I love it. I like taking photos and I like looking at photos that other people have taken. Since college is starting soon, I thought it would be neat to start showing off some photos. If you have any photos you’ve taken at college, you can send me a link or the actual photo by email or you can leave me the link in a comment. No big deal. And I never direct-link, so don’t you worry about me stealing your bandwidth or anything.

Photo by meteparozzi.

Photo by meteparozzi.

Below are the categories of photo that I’m looking for.

  • Dorm rooms. I hope this will really catch on because I love looking at dorm rooms that have been transformed from “blah” to “BLAMO!”
  • Your campus. If you want to protect your identity, I would avoid this category- or at least photos of a building with a name on it. (You can choose to remain anonymous, if you wish.)
  • Fun times. This means pranks (the legal, harmless kind, of course) and laughing with friends on the campus green, not puking (or peeing) into a sink. (Party photos are permitted- but keep it classy, people.)
  • Anything else, really. Just ask and I’ll likely approve it.

Below are the categories of photos not to send in.

  • Nudity of any kind- obviously.
  • Photos of you and your friends drinking.
  • Photos that are in no way related to college (“This is me at Disneyland when I was 9!!!!!!!!!”)

With any photos you send me, I will:

  • Give you credit, link back to your site/blog, Flickr account, whatever you want or keep it anonymous- whatever you prefer.
  • Upload the image to my blog. I do not direct link.
  • Watermark the photo or pixelate faces, if you request it.

Before submitting your photo, please read these basic guidelines:

  1. Please include your name, email, site/blog address and the URL of the image you want posted if you are commenting.
  2. If you are emailing me the photo, please do not send me more than 3 images in one email. Also, images should be in .JPG format.
  3. No matter which way you are send me photos/photo links, please make sure to tell me if you want me to keep your name, website, etc. private.
  4. Feel free to add a caption or explanation to your photo submission(s).

I am accepting submissions now. I know it’s early still, but how about a “packing up” shot?


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