School Supplies Shopping A-Go-Go! (Continued.)

College Countdown: 19 days

The college/dorm shopping adventure continues. And by “adventure”, I mean “never-ending and super-frustrating journey”. Seriously. I am running out of room in my house. Surely, the end must be close. SURELY!!

Photo by !!blue.

Photo by !!blue.

Good ol’ Wal-Mart. I would be lost without thee. Here’s what I got this afternoon:

  • shower curtain rings
  • juice/water pitcher
  • white-out
  • sewing kit
  • eco-friendly dryer sheets (biodegradable and actually cheaper than brand-name Bounce sheets!)
  • pillow
  • 2 more towels
  • more clothing hangers
  • tweezers
  • Polysporin
  • new toothbrush
  • cookie sheet

And if I didn’t love College Candy enough, they published a helpful article today: What Do I Bring?! A Guide On How To Pack For Your Freshman Year.


3 Responses to “School Supplies Shopping A-Go-Go! (Continued.)”

  1. Oh boy. School will be starting soon… in 2 weeks! I’m ready to meet my roommate, but not ready to move back into the dorms again. I have most of my school supplies, but not all. I’m not yet prepared. I really don’t want to think about textbooks at the moment. I do have a new bag for my laptop and seeking to buy a back pack.

    I’m glad you’re covering the special edition posts of preparing for college sharing the tips and articles you have written.

  2. I don’t have a case for my laptop. Just a bag for it.

  3. Yeah, I’ve pretty much got an entire room devoted to all the junk I’m bringing for my dorm. I somehow got roped into bringing the microwave and fridge between me and my roommate as well – this’ll be a fun drive up to New York [I forsee boxes sitting on everyone not driving :P].

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