Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week: Joy Nash

I came across the (now popular) video titled “A Fat Rant” a long time ago and I thought it was absolutely genius. Recently, I came across the same video again and found out that two more rants had been made by the same woman, Joy Nash- a curvy, gorgeous and foxy woman who has made women okay with their bodies. Not even okay– even… GOOD!

Personally, yes, I’m a bit overweight. I hate stupid teen stores with a passion. So, naturally, I responded positively to her Nash’s motivational videos. I’m okay with my weight. I love being curvy and having a waist. (Ever seen a Greek portrait? Ever seen someone with a Paris Hilton-like physique in those beautiful masterpieces? …I didn’t think so.)

So, naturally, Joy Nash and her “Fat Rant” deserved a spot on my Awesome Thing of the Week. Below is the original video that started it all.

The second video can be seen here and the third video can be seen here. Enjoy!


One Response to “Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week: Joy Nash”

  1. […] only motivational speaker I’ve ever been a fan of was Joy Nash. And that’s because she’s both inspirational and realistic. And not cheesy like the […]

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