I just realized… I’M the weirdo roommate!

College Countdown: 14 days

I still don’t have a roommate yet. I’m not even worrying about it anymore. I’ve got a lot of other stuff on my mind at the moment- the person I’ll be co-habiting with doesn’t really matter at this point. We’ll either be a) just roommates and nothing else, b) pals that live together or c) enemies. I’m hoping for option A or B but C is always a possibility.

I mean, I was thinking, “I hope she’s not some sort of freak or anything.” But then I got to thinking that… “What kind of roommate will I seem like when we first meet?”

I soon realized that I’m going to appear as the weirdo roommate. I’m not just weird though. I have several traits that are… less than attractive. In fact, there’s a good chance I’m going to creep/annoy my roommate out considerably. And I’ll tell you why.

  • I dress predominantly in red, black and white.
  • I have an emo hair cut and wear big rock-stye earrings.
  • I’m tattoo’d in several places.
  • I’m a picky eater.
  • I only wear toe socks.
  • I listen to some punk music, a lot of alternative but mostly indie.
  • I ***ing hate most pop music.
  • I sometimes curse like a sailor.
  • I spend way too much time online.
  • I’m sarcastic and sometimes have a dark sense of humor.
  • I make fun of people for being stupid.
  • I’m stubborn when it comes to being right, especially when I know I am.
  • I sometimes correct the grammar of others without thinking about it.
  • If I’m in need of a sugar fix, I’m not above stealing snacks from my roommate’s “secret” stash.
  • I’m agnostic and generally against organized religion.
  • I’m doing my room in red and black.
  • I’m in love with Henry VIII (yes, the English king that had two of his wives beheaded).
  • I collect action figures. Some of mine include: Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, Edward Scissorhands, Elizabeth Bathory and Jack The Ripper.
  • …and my personal favorite…
  • I recently bought 4 posters to match my black-and-red theme and went with four of my fav things: Dexter, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Chicago and Sweeney Todd: (respectively) a TV show about a serial killer who chops up his victims, a movie about transvestite aliens who cannibalize Meatloaf (the singer, not the food), a movie about two murderesses and a movie about “the demon barber of Fleet Street”.

(For the record, I’m not an emo. I’m far too happy to be an emo. I just think the hair, clothes and earrings look cool. Plus, I don’t listen to too much emo music. I prefer Death Cab to My Chem any day of the week. And if any emo people are reading this: be not offended, I am one person who will not make fun of you, as we’re all a little emo sometimes.)


5 Responses to “I just realized… I’M the weirdo roommate!”

  1. Yeah, you might seem a little strange…haha Don’t be one of those folks who goes to college and becomes a completely different person.

    My half of the room my sophomore year was red, black, and white. I think it’s a hot color palette. If my roommate disagreed, she never voiced that opinion. (Smart move…lol)

    I love Dexter! And, where did you get an Edward Scissorhands action figure!? I’d so love to have one.

  2. Well, one great thing about our residence is that the units are built like apartments. So, the decor of my bedroom in no way effects her bedroom. Totally separate rooms.
    “Dexter” is simply amazing. I got my Edward Scissorhands action figure on eBay. That’s where I get a lot of my weird stuff.

  3. Wow! Lol it’s like we’re cosmic twins or something…except for a few things…

    I hope you and your roommate become…pals.


  4. […] to have unique tastes and interests and some people think I’m a bit… odd. For instance, I suspected that my roommate wouldn’t appreciate my action figure collection (which includes John Lennon, Edward Scissorhands and Jack the Ripper) or my choice of wall art (I […]

  5. So glad to see I’m not the only one with an unusual love for Henry VIII!!!!!

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