Packing: It starts today!

College Countdown: one week from today

This time next week, I’ll be either in City X or still on the highway, going towards City X.

I haven’t packed anything yet. Not a single thing. But it’s okay, because I’m going to start packing very, very soon… After lunch… Probably.

It’s funny. You’d think something as important as packing for college would take presidence over something lame like… Oh, I dunno… adding pieces of flair to your Facebook page or… say… reading College Candy. (Not that College Candy is lame- at all. In fact, it’s amazing and brilliant.)

I’ve also started getting pangs of pain in my gut. I got my first pang yesterday and I woke up with a pang this morning. I hope it’s just nervousness. And, if it isn’t, I might be taking a trip to the City X Hospital soon after arriving at my residence.

Speaking of work, I have one shift tonight, one shift on Wednesday… and then I’m finished. (Well, for this summer, anyway.) Seems so weird.

Anyway, things to do. Reluctantly, mind you- but they have to be done. Ciao.

* * *


Selected DVDs, all action figures, 3 pairs of sexy shoes and 1 pair of sexy boots (that I can’t even walk in) are now packed. (I decided to leave some of my DVDs at home. I figure, how many times am I going to watch Finding Neverland, The Hot Chick and 13 Going On 30 while I’m at college?)

And now, I must get ready for work- my second-to-last shift this summer. Ha-cha!


2 Responses to “Packing: It starts today!”

  1. Don’t stress about packing because I found the less time I spend packing, the less crap I take with me. Most students overpack for college, so in my opinion, the less time you spend packing the better.

  2. Yes. Leave those movies behind. Wait, that’s not enough. Burn them, bury them, and pray- pray that they do not return to haunt you. Except Finding Neverland. It was okay.

    Don’t worry, half of what you packed anyway you’ll need a new one of in the first week. Keep track, you’ll see.

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