Jill’s Day Planner: Meet Cherry

College Countdown: not tomorrow, but the next day

According to this article on Study Hacks, buying a super nice day planner will make you more productive. This is exactly the excuse I needed to look for a day planner and get one based on the look of it, rather than the price.

And the one I got… is perfect.

This is Cherry. She's so pretty.

I walked into a card/stationary/etc. shop yesterday, unsure of what I was truly looking for. Instinctively, I headed for the rack of journals. They were all so pretty with their smooth hardcovers and matching book marks. Each one had a lovely design on the cover. They whispered to me, “Jill… Purchase me. You know you want to. Writing out the events of your daily life on my empty pages will make everything mean so much more.” I turned away. I wasn’t there to buy a journal.

I meant business.

An employee of said card shop approached me, the bottom hem of her uniform shirt slightly wrinkled. She looked like she generally cared, rather than the gum-chewing, good-for-nothing, slacker teenagers that usually work at card shops. (Just kidding. This is simply a friendly jab at a pal of mine. No worries.)

“Can I help you find something?” she asked.

I told her what I was looking for and she showed me to the calendars. Lined up on a neat little shelf by the over-sized calendars were several day planners. One had a cat print, one had a dog print and a few were just solid greens and blues. My eyes found Cherry and I knew instantly: I had to have her.

I slid Cherry from within the confines of her plastic shelf and held her in my hand. I slid my thumb across the red leather cover, feeling every bump and detail of the cherry tree cover design. In the bottom right-hand corner was “2009”, as if to proudly state, “I’m a date book… from the future.”

She was magnificent. Simple, elegant and beautiful.

I opened the date book carefully, as not to damage the binding in any way. Blank spaces under a simple date heading lay on every page, giving one ample space for homework, events, etc. In the back, there was a section for phone numbers and addresses and a few pages for miscellaneous notes and coding. Additionally, the date book started with September 2008, thus not wasting any space or paper with January through August. A silky burgundy ribbon hid between the pages, with about two inches hanging out from the other end.

It was all I could wish for and more. Holding the date book excited me as a imagined all the wonderful things I could fill this little notebook with. It would be my constant companion, organizing my life for me so I wouldn’t have to give it a second thought.

And so, I proudly placed the date book onto the counter. The woman who had helped me find Cherry was smiling (in a friendly way, not a “Thank God we close in 45 minutes.” sort of way.) as she tapped on the register and brought my price up. I was more than happy to hand over the cash for something so wonderful.

As I left the shop, I knew that my purchase had been righteous. And I felt pretty good.

5 Responses to “Jill’s Day Planner: Meet Cherry”

  1. I bought one of those large dry erase calendars you can put on the wall; mine had one month on the back and two month on the front. I used that to display all the upcoming assignments, exams, along with any personal life events such as birthdays, etc so that I was organized.

    And let me tell you, it works!

  2. Glad that you found the planner that you were looking for you or rather perfect for you! I can buy one but I wouldn’t know if I could exactly use a planner/calendar. I could write down the assignments that are given, but sometimes it doesn’t work for me. Not too far from the college days! Have fun this weekend.

  3. Well, it’s mostly true, except for the gum-chewing part, my orthodontic situation has taken care of that.
    YAY!! Cherry sounds like she is now a part of you!

  4. hahaha Good ol’ braces.

  5. A good planner makes all the difference! Seriously.

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