How To Throw A Girl’s Night Party

I’m planning a Girl’s Night party for next Friday and I thought it would make for a good blog entry. There’s a bunch of Girl’s Night party ideas on the Internet- but not many are suited for poor college students living in a dorm. Here are some tips to help your all-girl party be an all-around success.

  1. Location, location, location. My friend and I (the main organizers of the party) had a disagreement over where the party should be. We decided that we’d start the party downstairs in our room (it’s cooler, we never have get-togethers in our dorm… but, unfortunately, it’s very close to the entrance and the RA’s room) and then, once we’re tipsy, we’re going to move the party upstairs to their dorm. That way, everyone wins!
  2. Attire/decorations. Before the party, go to a dollar store and pick up some plastic crowns. You can get some napkins and party stuff meant for bachelorette parties, but most will work for this kind of party too.
  3. Movie night. A girl’s night party is not complete without a girly movie. Rent a flick or watch one that’s already in a girlfriend’s collection. Some films I recommend are Legally Blond, Pretty In Pink, Miss Congeniality, Bridget Jones’ Diary and, of course, Mean Girls. (Keep it light and funny. Although The Notebook is a wonderful chick flick, this night is reserved for giggles, not tears!)
  4. Music. Make a mixed CD or a playlist on your computer including pop songs (by female singers, obviously) from any decade. Some great girly tunes are “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper, “Genie In A Bottle” by Christina Aguilera and just about anything by Whitney Houston.
  5. Drinks. Check out local bars beforehand to see if they offer discounts for Friday or Saturday nights. If not, get the girls together and make the definitive girly drink: the Cosmopolitan. (Click here for the recipe!) If you want something a little quicker that doesn’t involve any mixing, go with a nice, sweet wine.
  6. Activities. Window shop together. Go dancing together. Play around with makeup or give one another manicures and pedicures. Play charades or poker!
  7. Selfies. Yes, it’s a bit juvenile… but when one is giggling with her girlfriends and drinking, high school personalities seem to come out freely. Take about a bajillion pictures of yourself and the girls and then post them on Facebook. Anybody who didn’t get an invite will see the photos, be super jealous and want to throw their own Girl’s Night party!

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