A College Student’s Guide To Time Management

I’m home for the weekend. I was going to stay at college this weekend but, ultimately, I’m glad I took the trip home. Home = me time. And I miss that. Also, I needed to catch up on some school work.

While I’m home, I thought I’d take the time to search out some useful articles on something I’ve dealt with this week: stress due to poor time management.

On Monday, I went to a movie with friends. On Tuesday, I went to a bar with friends. On Wednesday, I did laundry, washed dishes, did homework, did an interview for school and wrote an article for myUsearch. On Thursday, I crashed. Seriously. I pretty much fell asleep on my face. I hadn’t even meant to have a nap- I just laid on my bed for a couple minutes. When I woke up, my face hurt. It was not my finest hour, to say the least.

Here are a couple time management tips that I’ve learned on my own this week:

  1. Do keep track of everything in a day planner. I would be lost without mine. This means homework assignments, school projects, due dates, chores (laundry, dishes, etc.), bands you’d like to see, movie dates with friends, parties, etc.
  2. Don’t plan an outing for every night of the week. (Unless you like falling asleep in class.)
  3. Do make lists of the things you have to do. (Items on this list should not include “Party” or “Drink vodka.”)
  4. Don’t ignore yourself. (Personally, I would crawl up in a ball and sob quietly if I didn’t have my Me Time. I just need it.) If you have a hobby, make some time to pursue it.
  5. Do prioritize. Make school work and projects a priority. You’re here to learn… even if it’s the last night that new Seth Rogen movie is playing at the theatre.
  6. Don’t nap too much. It’ll either make you groggy or you won’t be able to get to sleep later. (Click here to learn the benefits of power napping.)
  7. Do get enough sleep. You’ll be a mess otherwise. (Stressed? Read this article to learn how to get those valuable zzz’s, even when you’re stressed out.)

Here are some related articles that might help you manage your time and, therefore, de-stress your college life:

6 Responses to “A College Student’s Guide To Time Management”

  1. Good list. I’ve written several posts about my experiences with time and task management on my blog at http://johnkendrick.wordpress.com/how-to-gtd/ that might also help you. John

  2. Good points. I find that planning helps students to juggle the demands of study, work and social life. The first step could be drawing up a plan of your semester, when you have classes and when assessments are due. This will show you the busy time periods and help you to plan a weekly schedule. By planning your work and working your plan, you effectively use your time and lower your stress.

  3. Jill, great post with lots of concrete ideas to help a student. Love your blog, please keep writing. I too have a blog to help students in college. I’ve added your blog to my list of favorite blogs.

  4. Oh so true, Jill!

    I’d add to point 3. As you make the list, ensure the objectives are quantifiable. Don’t just put “Write essay”…break it down into pieces that you can tick off as you move on. “Read Chapter 5 of book and find quotations”, “Write introduction of 150 words”, “plan essay outline”, that type of thing.

    Much easier to visualise and get on with that way.

  5. goood post! it makes me want to get up and do something productive. Great blog by the way

  6. […] Kill Jill Goes To College – A College Student’s Guide To Time Management […]

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