I saw a band in a bar. I must be hip.

Yes, it’s true, cool cats. The little country girl from The Midst of Nowhere just saw a band play in a bar for the first time ever in her little sad life. And she loved it.

OK. Done talking in the third person now. ‘Cause even Little Jill thinks knows that’s lame.

Because there was never many cultural outlets or many musicians in the area I grew up in, I just never had the chance to see live bands perform. Ever. We had the high school musical and there were some people who sang at talent shows… and that’s about it. City X, however, is chock-a-block full of pubs where local musicians play. Every single night, something is going on somewhere. And tonight, I finally ventured out and saw a couple people play. And it blew my freaking mind.

Jaclyn’s older brother’s band was playing at this bar above an eatery. She introduced me to some people. One of the guitar players from the band played a few songs solo and then a local chick singer/songwriter played a couple songs. I actually just messaged her over Facebook about an interview for school or for the local arts monthly. Then amps were turned on and Band X got on stage.

To be perfectly blunt, my ears will never be the same but the show was freaking great. Great drums, awesome beats that got you moving and sold rock lyrics. I was very impressed.

I’ve said it before and I’ll gladly say it again. I frigging love this city.


One Response to “I saw a band in a bar. I must be hip.”

  1. tikulicious Says:

    hey I chanced upon your blog today ..loved it ..you are cool ..I love the drum beats too ..liked your roses on your arm .. šŸ˜‰ .. hope they spread the fragrance everywhere .keep posting ..good day from Delhi ..

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