Homework Heroes: Meet Shmoop!

I got an email from a rep from Shmoop, a website that helps high school and college students do their homework. Pretty sweet, I’d have to say.

What’s Shmoop, you ask?

  • It helps you read. (Didn’t quite understand why Gatsby is Great – maybe he was only just good? – or How the West was Won – what was the score, anyway? Then read Shmoop.)
  • It helps you write. (Jump start your paper. Term paper due. Find your writing groove.)
  • It helps you love. (Literature, that is. And history, writing, and oh so much more as the world turns…)

To view a sneak peak of this cool new site, click here and sign up!


4 Responses to “Homework Heroes: Meet Shmoop!”

  1. Yo! We posted a few of your photos in our new Shmoop Fans set on Flickr. Feel the love!

    Kill Jill rocks her modified Shmoop wear
  2. […] blogger to get wise to Shmoop (back in our super-secret private beta test days) and she even wrote a nice blog post about Shmoop. We sent her a Shmoop t-shirt and sticker as a small token of […]

  3. Wow, now we’ve really done it. You’re the first photo on the official Shmoop blog.


  4. […] I’m all famous ‘n junk. I blogged about a brand new homework website called Shmoop a while back. They sent me some stickers and a Shmoop t-shirt and asked me to take a couple photos. […]

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