Shameless plugs & other wonderful things!

Sebastian Grainger & the MountainsI Hate My Friends

So, there’s nothing like a shameless plug to break up the week, huh? Well, you’re about to see/read/be a part of one. I’ve recently started a cultural-type blog with 2 of my good friends from my Journalism class, Jenn and Jaclyn. Jenn does celebrity gossip and The Hills-type news, Jaclyn talks about indie music and her most recent rock shows she’s attended and I stick to movie reviews. Plus, if anything strikes our fancy, we’ll just write about that too. Anyway, please check out THE J LIST… if you’d like to have your mind blown, that is.

Oh. And that other thing I was gonna talk about… something that happened late last night… What was that? Oh, right. I forgot. But it’s come back to me now.

Ah, yes. The complete annihilation of John McCain and Sarah Paaaaaaylin. Hurrah! I hope Obama’s charm will help him through these next 4 years… because his predecessor has none. Congratulations Obama!!

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