College Life (Without The Sauce…)

I made a crucial decision last weekend… Well, I guess it was after last weekend. I have to stop drinking, at least for a while.

Photo by tysk_pojken.

Photo by tysk_pojken.

Fact: drinking every weekend (or, in my case, sometimes twice in a weekend) quickly drains your bank account, which is tiny to begin with.

Fact: groceries and an upcoming trip to New York City should be a priority, not a few hours of mixing vodka and Raspberry Sourpuss.

Fact: drinking that much can do serious damage to one’s health.

Fact: drinking every weekend at college leads to death 78% of the time.

OK. So, that last one wasn’t exactly a (documented) fact. But still, you get my point. Anyway, I’ve been 100% sober for 10 days and I plan to be sober for a long time. I can’t afford it and I just don’t feel like it.

So, I needed another way to fill my weekend. So, I went to Michael’s, used my gift card and bought some scrapbook supplies. Wonderful, wonderful scrapbook supplies. This weekend, I went to see a singer at a bar (but I didn’t drink, believe it or not) and interviewed her for an assignment afterward. On Sunday, I scrapbooked and it was awesome. And that’s OK, I’m not embarrassed. I enjoy it.

Anyway. The point of this article is this: Ways To Have Fun In College Without Opening A Bottle Of Anything That Isn’t Coke, Pepsi, orange juice or Snapple.

  1. Get rid of any liquor you might have hidden in your dorm, apartment, etc. This includes anything with a sketchy label or anything you might mix liquor with… You may keep cranberry, orange and lime juice.
  2. Explain to your drinking buddies that you’re taking a break and taking it easy for a while. Explain that you’re running out of money. Maybe they’re feeling the pinch too and need a sober pal.
  3. Hang out with your sober friends who will support one another, especially if you’re hanging out with some fun-loving pals who are all drunk and giggly.
  4. Do fun stuff on Saturday/Sunday mornings and then brag about it to your hungover friends.
  5. Get stuff done! I’ve only been sober for a week and already I’ve noticed a difference in my weekends. I seem to have a lot more free time because I’m not spending half of my Saturday in bed, holding a pillow over my face and wanting to die.
  6. Hobbies! Yes, once upon a time, you had a hobby that didn’t involve shot glasses or beer pong. For me, scrapbooking is that hobby. I love it!
  7. Don’t forget about positive reinforcement. For every week you stay sober, make sure to reward yourself for your determination. Get dessert at your favorite restaurant. Order a pizza. Go see a movie with friends… Just make sure the positive reinforcement doesn’t become more expensive than drinking.

If you’re looking for more articles on this subject, they’ve got some great ones at wikiHow: How To Avoid Alcohol While In College, How To Stop Binge Drinking and How To Turn Down a Drink are just a few.

Need more proof that getting drunk isn’t so hot? Check this out (at your own discretion!).

9 Responses to “College Life (Without The Sauce…)”

  1. so….I guess I should probably pick up that vodka and sour puss. Don’t want to, y’know, tempt little jillianne…

  2. […] useful in the end-of-semester crunch time, Jill decides to forgo college drunkery and shares some ideas on how to join her. [Kill Jill Goes To […]

  3. Excellent post. I hope more college students follow your example. There’s so many cool things going on that college students are uniquely situated to enjoy, and so many of them blow the opportunity by drinking themselves into a stupor, as if that were better.

  4. One nice benefit of cutting back on drinking is the lower tolerance. It’s nice to be able to get that two beer buzz again after not drinking for a week.

  5. Great post Jill! I have a horribly sensitive stomach, so after years of drinking pretty heavily, I no longer drink at all. It can be tough sometimes, but i think I’m so much better off for it.

    I would also add:

    1) Always have a drink in your hand so people don’t hassle you about it.
    2) Try going to parties and not drinking — after you do it a few times, it’s not a big deal.
    3) Reward yourself for not drinking. If you make it a month, go out and do something fun or buy something for yourself.
    4) Measure your progress. How much more do you get done? Do your grades improve? For me, I lost 20 lbs. That was definitely a nice perk.

    Keep up the good work!-Elizabeth

  6. Well, I’m going to a Christmas party on Friday and I plan to take care of a couple friends while they drink, since I don’t plan to.
    Should be interesting. Usually I’m the one people have to take care of. :\

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  8. […] “tiny” drinking problem. But just… humor me, will you?) I even talked about it on my blog, Kill Jill. It took one of the worst hangovers known to mankind to make me stop over-indulging. I quit […]

  9. Your post is very well crafted and I have learned. Ive added your blog to my reading material. Thanks for the update!

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