Your Facebook Page vs. Your Potential Employer

Hey readers. A great article was just sent to me via email. College admissions officers and employers are now checking Facebook and MySpace pages as a way to get an inside look at who they’re really dealing with.

This article, Your Personal Online Brand – It Begins with your Facebook Profile, is a way with dealing with them and how to make your Facebook page more pleasing to people who make decisions concerning your almighty important future career and, thus, happiness.

OK. Well, maybe a successful career is sometimes not 100% beneficial to happiness- but it sometimes helps.


5 Responses to “Your Facebook Page vs. Your Potential Employer”

  1. I want to follow you, Jill. Let’s see if I can figure out how…Laurel (
    See you later…

  2. …Follow me where, exactly?

  3. That is up to you. I follow many others and others, many of them, follow me…what a world.
    So, OK?
    Or not, because I won’t if you don’t like it, I am not a stalker.
    Promise, if you don’t want me around, I will probably forget your blog as soon as you say, “GO!”
    So tell me when you want to.
    Sorry I am a tad defensive. Sorry again. Jill.

  4. Didn’t mean to sound rude. Just wasn’t sure what you meant. Ha. Sorry.
    Sure, I’ll check out your blog. I don’t actually subscribe to any blogs, which is kind of shitty of me, but I keep them in my fav’s and check them out regularly.
    Thanks for your interest in Kill Jill.

  5. Hey there, Jill, I told you I’d forget and I did.
    Well, read my next installment I wrote this morning, “Dreams of Hunger”…Hope you like it.

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