Kill Jill: Apartment Hunter?

Relient K – I Hate Christmas Parties

Today, for the first time, I seriously considered getting an apartment for next year. I had previously planned to just live in Residence X next year but due to unforeseen circumstances (that is, me running out of money sooner than planned), I’ve been paying more attention to my finances and planning out some stuff for the future. That is, the future that is next year.

Photo by djwudi.

Photo by djwudi.

For this year, living in Residence X was the best decision for my situation. I moved in early September and will be moving out in mid-to-late-March-ish. So, I’ll be spending most of the school year here before heading off to God-Knows-Where-Ville for my mandatory on-the-job training. (Wow. Let’s see how many hyphenated words I can use in this paragraph, shall we?)

But for next year, I’ll only be in City X from September to January and then going to my second on-the-job training session at the beginning of the New Year. And, hopefully, I’ll be offered a job somewhere and I’ll go back to City X for graduation in June. And that’s that. If I had the choice, I’d stay in City X for a while, at least a couple more years. I like it here… well… mostly. Apparently City X is a bit colder than my former place of residence, and I hate the cold. But I’d deal with it if it meant staying here.

Anyway, I’ll only be in City X for four months and Residence X doesn’t offer a semester-to-semester lease so I’d be paying to live there for eight months instead of four. And I’m not down with that, as the moment. Someone from my Journalism class was looking for an apartment so Jenn started looking it up online (yes, instead of doing work…) and ended up searching out two-bedroom apartments to look at for her and her current roommate (and our pal), Caitlin. Then she mentioned getting a three-bedroom apartment with Caitlin… and moi. Although I’m a little hesitant about living with a friend and putting the friendship at risk, Jenn and I have always been very honest with one another from Day 1.

Plus, Caitlin and Jenn like to clean. I hate cleaning. So, that’s always a plus.

Here are some requirements that we’re looking for in (hopefully) a home for next year:

  1. $1500 per month (including utilities)
  2. located downtown and somewhere between our campus and Caitlin‘s campus
  3. furnished
  4. 3 bedrooms
  5. full kitchen
  6. living room
  7. laundry facility
  8. cable and high speed access
  9. 1 full bath (2 would be better, but I realize this is a dream)
  10. Preferably, not located in Crack Whore Alley (or the adjacent streets, Skinhead Row and Drug Den Boulevard).

(Please note that City X does not include streets with the above names. It does, however, include some streets that would generally be considered “quite sketchy” and my friends and I try to avoid them.)

But anyroad. I have time to think it over and discuss it further with the girls but I’m thinking that I’d like to go for it. I mean, I’m gonna be 21 next year. And there will be another pack of 18-year-olds moving into the building. Do I really want to cope with that? I did the dorm thing this year and I’m still glad I did. But I think I’ll be ready to be a grown-up and have an apartment next year.

SO. If anyone has any experience in the field of apartment-hunting, apartment-buying and/or apartment-living, I’d be glad to hear any comments and/or suggestions.

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