City X: Is it safe?

City X is known to be a safe city in the area. I went to a small town with a very high crime rate (per capita) so moving to a place where crime was low was an attractive feature for me. Also, I’ve walked by myself at night many times. However, I always stuck to the main street, avoided back alleys at all costs and never went by myself after 9 PM. However, with the effects of Daylight Savings Time, avoiding walking after dark is difficult, since it’s dark by 5 PM. This super sucks, especially when I don’t get out of class until 4- and some of my friends in Culinary Arts don’t get out of class until 5 PM or later.

I was willing to deal with the dark. But now, I’m afraid. A lot of people are.

On Friday night, one of my good friends was walking downtown just before midnight. He met our school’s basketball team on the sidewalk of a very busy street (the same one we all use to walk downtown). I guess most of the team lives in a house together near where this happened. My friend was surrounded and beaten up by these assholes. One of the residence security guys found him in the parking lot behind Residence X, walking in circles, his clothes drenched in blood. He spent the night in the hospital. He spoke to police officers this evening, giving a formal statement about what happened that night.

My roommate told me the whole story this evening. I happened to be walking back to my room when I saw him getting on the elevator with a mutual friend. His face is a swollen, black and blue mess. His face doesn’t even look real anymore. We’ll only see the permanent damage once the swelling has gone down.

I feel afraid to leave the residence at night now. I really, truly feel afraid. I hate feeling this way. I’m so upset that this could and did happen to a wonderful guy like my friend. I’m angry that a bunch of drunk assholes were bored and decided to do this.

I know they won’t read this. I assume these assholes are not big on the whole reading words thing. I just needed to vent- and say publicly: karma is a real bitch.


4 Responses to “City X: Is it safe?”

  1. Nicole Marie Says:

    I live in a relatively small college town, and I knew crime rates were growing, but when my brother was mugged last week, I felt my feelings of security shatter. He spent the night in the hospital, and the whole weekend in bed… he’s sporting a nasty black eye, and he’s going to have a scar across his upper lip for the rest of his life.

    it’s strange how the holidays bring the nasty out in people…

  2. Actually, there’s been a new development to the story- the assholes who jumped him took his really nice designer watch.
    He seems to be more pissed about that than anything.

  3. Hi there! I saw your blog at list-me and decided to visit it.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. That’s pretty bad that you can’t even go to school without being afraid. I’ve lived in a small town my whole life and just moved to a big city to go to school. There really isn’t that much crime here, but there’s enough that I’m afraid to go anywhere by myself. Plus you just can’t trust people.

  4. My dad’s friend was walking home on Saturday night and he was mugged too. The guys stole his wallet, but he gave one of them a bloody nose and a nasty limp. It is amazing what people will do these days. The world is disgusting.

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