Professionalism is…

I realized something about my level of professionalism today. To me, anyway. Professionalism is the ability to put The Big Bang Theory on pause while I put on my Big Girl voice and call someone more interesting than myself for an interview that’s due in less than 12 hours.

I’d say that says something about me.

Heading home tomorrow, thank goodness. I plan to spend one evening at home… and then I’m off again! The Parental Unit is driving me to the town where many of my friends live and where I used to attend high school. Then from there, I’ll take a bus and visit my grandmother for a few days. Should be back on Friday.

Play safe, kids!

One Response to “Professionalism is…”

  1. Hope your interview went well. If you need help preparing for future interviews you might want to check out our FiredUP Interviewing audio training – it was prepared especially for new college grads.

    Here’s the link:

    Ok – good luck to you!

    Robin Ogden

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