The Truly Cool Kids Don’t Go To The Winter Formal

I believe it was the great Juno MacGuff who said, “Prom is for wenis’s anyway. As soon as you’re old enough to go it’s so not cool anymore.” And that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now.

Photo by Dan Strange.

Photo by Dan Strange.

I feel really bad about my lack of blogging these past couple weeks. Seriously, I’ve been a bad, bad girl. But I had my exams this week and a lot of things are happening, with my writing and otherwise. I’ve been doing a lot of fun Christmas stuff with Jenn, watching a different Christmas movie almost every day, making cookies, stuff like that.

First, I’ll give you an update on my status on drinking, as mentioned in my entry titled “College Life (Without The Sauce)”:

  • I did drink some wine and get a little silly (but not too silly) last Friday before going to a Christmas party, hosted by some of my Journalism class friends. I had an OK time, met some cool guys in a local band. But my night was stained when a jack-ass (also in our class) threw a cat on my friend. The cat scratched my friend and made her bleed.
  • Since it was Jenn‘s last night in City X for a while, Jaclyn, Jenn and I went out to a new bar we hadn’t been to before and ordered sugary girly drinks. I had 3 and didn’t feel a thing. I just wasn’t in the mood to drink. I wanted to get silly and giggle but I just couldn’t. Jenn had cuatro margaritas and was absolutely hilarious. Watching her giggle about everything was the highlight of my night.

And thus, we arrive at tonight’s little shin-dig.

It’s the night of the semi-formal, here on the College X campus. I was originally going to go, but only because Roomie was making me. But then I made up several different excuses and got out of it. I was working on a couple articles for this monthly arts newspaper I’m now involved with while she was getting ready for the formal. Steadily, the noise level in Residence X rose and rose.

Stupid me. I made the mistake of leaving the safety and security of our dorm apartment to go and see Amanda D. She was stumbling down the hall and suggested I come upstairs with her to drink with some of her friends. I grabbed my wine and headed up with her- again, stupid me. I should have guessed that all her friends would be Paramedicine students and that they’d all be talking about hospital-related things. Awkward. (As an individual who has spent more than their share of time in a hospital, it’s not something I like to dwell on. Naturally.) So, I took a couple swigs of wine and headed out.

On my way back downstairs, I ran into Canning and a couple of his pals, drinking in the common room. Everyone was dressed up- the guys in suits and ties and the girls in dresses. This completely hammered girl I’ve never met looked at me.

Drunk girl: “Are you going to the formal?”
Me: (while wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt) “No. Sorry.”
Drunk girl: “Why not?”
Me: (for lack of a better response) “It’s not really my scene.”

And then Canning spilled his drink on the floor. I made a quick exit, back to my room.

It was just then that I realized something quite significant: I was just like one of those kids in high school who were too cool for prom. Actually, looking back, prom was kinda lame. Getting ready for prom is great. Drinking at a party after prom is great. But the actual prom? Lame, lame, lame, lame, LAME. Bad music, an uncomfortable dress, painful shoes and a dance floor covered in sweaty teenagers.

This formal would be all too similar for my taste. Except, it’s college so there would be more drunk people there. Thanks, but no thanks.

Thankfully, Jaclyn got off of work and we went to Subway, had a laugh and drove around a bit. Then we came back here for a bit, watched an episode of The Office and The Big Bang Theory while the pre-dorm party raged on outside.

When did I become too old for this stuff? …If I had to guess, it would probably be around the time I turned twenty.


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