Kill Jill’s Top 10 of 2008

Beep! *answering machine voice* Hi! You’ve reached the blog of Kill Jill. I’m not here at the moment because I’m in flippin’ New York City, having a blasty-blast… Well, I assume a blasty-blast. Either that, or I’m getting mugged at this very moment. Or asking some annoyed NY’er for directions. Or walking between two Starbucks. Or that sort of thing… Anyway, leave me a message!

I’m writing this Top 10 list on December 23rd and scheduling it for December 31st. I think it’s important to shed light on the ten most interesting things (to me, anyway- because I’m what’s important here) that happened this year and the people who made it so interesting.

With that being said… thank gawd 2008 is almost over.

10. Barack Obama


What? I couldn’t make a Top 10 list of 2008 and not include him. (Yes, I know. Everyone will include him in their Top 10 list. I KNOW… But did you see the photos of him in Hawaii with his family? The guy is damn fit (for a president-elect). Plus, the way that he looks at Michelle- it’s just so damn cute. It’s not empty and for-appearances-only (*cough* Hilary and Bill *cough, cough*).

* * * * *

9. Johnny Depp

2008-05-1The guy has been nominated for an Oscar, like, a dozen times. And he finally got one this year, winning for his role as the demon barber of Fleet Street in Tim Burton’s bloody musical, Sweeney Todd.

* * * * *

8. Robert Pattinson’s Hair


Look at it! It’s epic! …That is, until he cut it recently. And now it’s ruined. Stupid boy.

* * * * *

7. Naughty Tween Icons


Disney had to do some quick PR after nude photos of High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens surfaced on the Internet. Then Vanity Fair published some risqué photos tween queen Miley Cyrus. Although the photos of Cyrus are lovely, artistic and genuinely stunning, it likely wasn’t a good move, especially if you asked Disney.

* * * * *

6. Prop 8: The Musical

Something happens to us as humans when we see a large cast of A-list celebrities getting together. That’s why we watch award shows. Prop 8: The Musical first appeared on the web via and features Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Neil Patrick Harris, Margaret Cho, Andy Richter, Allison Janney and many others.

* * * * *

5. Robert Downey Jr.


It would appear the guy has made a huge comeback. Time Magazine called Iron Man one of the top 10 movies of the year and his performance as Aussie actor Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder was hilarious.

* * * * *

4. Coldplay’s Viva La Vida


Coldplay never disappoints. This album is beautiful, as is Chris Martin.

* * * * *

3. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog


I quickly became a Neil Patrick Harris fan after watching this 43-minute sci-fi/musical film, distributed online via iTunes. It’s funny, clever, unique and has a stellar soundtrack. Dr. Horrible was also a historical venture in Hollywood, proving that web content can be professionally-made and distributed.

* * * * *

2. Tina Fey


Holy crap. This woman is a goddess. She took home an Emmy this year for Lead Actress In a Comedy, Writing For a Comedy Series and Best Comedy Series. Plus, there’s a pretty good chance that her hilarious Sarah Palin sketches on Saturday Night Live actually effected the election results. We geek girls are proud to finally have a role model in show business.

* * * * *

1. Heath Ledger


I didn’t believe it at first when I read about the news of Ledger’s death in January. That night, Entertainment Tonight talked about his death and his most impressive films, including Brokeback Mountain and his upcoming portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight. His performance earned him a Golden Globe nomination and he’s expected to pick up a Oscar nod as well.

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  1. Great list Jill! I’m impressed!

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