Kill Jill: Now with muzak!

So, I tried to add a little audio device on the navigation menu but it didn’t work. And I really want music available on my blog because it’s, y’know, cool and stuff. (Yeah, I said.)

I’ve decided to start a semi-regular feature on here where I post music (mostly in the form of videos from YouTube). Right now, this feature has its own page on the right: Music = Life.

For my first featured music, I chose “Nothing Came Out” by The Moldy Peaches. Enjoy.

Speaking of music, if anybody wants to buy me something for my upcoming 21st birthday (February 3rd) or the upcoming anniversary of the birth of this blog (February 4th), feel free to buy me the epically beautiful soundtrack from the charming New Zealand indie film, Eagle Vs Shark. (Please email me if you can make this happen.)


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