What does your desk say about you?

In my dorm room, my desk is a mess. Like, it’s bad. It’s got a pencil jar, a Wizard of Oz music box, an assortment of CDs and blank DVDs, some cash, a photo of Claire and I, random receipts and my Dwight Scrute bobble head. And, of course, Cherry Bomb (my red laptop).

At school, my desk is a little more neat. Well. Kinda. Just don’t look in either of the drawers.

My school desk top.

My school desk top.

I believe that a person’s desk says a lot about them. I took this photo this morning and it’s a pretty good example of what I’m talking about.

  1. My screen is showing my Facebook profile page, which I think shows a lot for my work ethic and ability for concentration in class.
  2. Beside my monitor is my pink mp3 player. (I desperately need a new mp3 player. I’ve had that one for ages. Plus, y’know… it’s pink.) I like my music close at hand at all times. (Wanna hear some new music? Check out the new feature, Music = Life.)
  3. Stuck to my monitor is a Post It that says “Right” which is from an inside joke from someone in my class.
  4. The pink-haired droll is named Edward the Cross-Dressing Troll. Jaclyn came into class one day with a bag of trolls and gave each of her pals one. Why? Well… you’d just have to know her.
  5. I also have several toys from Wizard of Oz that McDonald’s was offering with Kid’s Meals for a while. I also got these from Jaclyn. I guess they were just hiding in the back of her closet for a long time and she knew I was an Oz fan so she gave them to me. And now they keep me company as I’m procrastinating working in class. I think this shows that I’m not a particularly serious person… but Jaclyn found the figures super creepy and passed them off to me. So, I’m not sure what that says about me but whatever…

So, readers. What does your desk (home/school/office/other) say about you?

One Response to “What does your desk say about you?”

  1. What a neat idea! I will definitely have to do this once back at school.

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