Kill Jill’s Birthday Bash Bonanza!

Holy crap on a cracker! It’s the last day of January! Yikes! I have only six more weeks of school before Spring Break. And then from there, I head straight to my on-the-job training. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, I pretty much already know where I’ll be going for it- the office of a daily newspaper located in the town I went to high school in. I know the area, I still have a few friends there and my brother lives there. I’m not staying with him (for various reasons I’d rather not list here) but I’ve reserved a room at a bed & breakfast practically on the same street as the news office. And the price is pretty reasonable.

Photo by alist.

Photo by alist.

But I’m a little freaked out how quickly the school year is winding down. Like, it’s a bit surreal. I have my Math exam sometime in February and that terrifies me. It’s not that the Math itself is difficult… it’s just that I’m pretty much “special” when it comes to numbers. I’m good with words, not numbers. But the Math we’re learning to do is mostly deal with statistics, percentages, populations, etc.- i.e. stuff we’d have to know on the job.

I also have exams in Politics (ew.) and Law (which seems like really heavy stuff to me) but those aren’t until mid-March. The Politics exam shouldn’t be too bad, it’s mostly history anyway, which I’ve always kind of enjoyed. And Instructor B has made the history actually interesting, which is entirely shocking. But the Law exam sounds like a toughie. Oy.

* * * * *

So, last night was the beginning of my five-day Birthday Bash Bonanza. My actual birthday isn’t until Tuesday but what birthday-type fun can a college girl have on a Tuesday?! Honestly!

Jenn, Jaclyn and I went to Boston Pizza for drinks. I’d never been there before so Jaclyn just ordered me an apple martini and I got giggly from just that one drink. It was actually kind of pathetic on my part. :\ Then the waitress gave me a brownie and ice cream thing for free, since it was my birthday (not really my birthday but she didn’t know that). That was pretty tasty.

Photo by jk5854.

Photo by jk5854.

Then we dropped Jenn off at Residence X and Jaclyn and I headed to a bar on the other side of town. Neither of us had ever been to this place, mostly because we’d heard it was very sketchy. “It feels like a fight could break out any minute.” is the phrase Jaclyn‘s older brother used. Well, it wasn’t too bad, really. There were some shifty characters inside but a bunch of people we know were there already and we’re friends with the band that was headlining and they always play really fun music.

So, I went to sleep around 3 AM and woke up around 11 this morning. Good times.

As for tonight’s agenda, we’re (Jenn, Roomie and Canning) going to my favorite Italian-American cuisine restaurant for supper and then we’re off to a dinner & drinking place downtown- “the best margaritas in town” (and meeting Jaclyn there). Should be a blasty-blast. The plan, my friends tell me, is to get me very, very drunk and roll me back to Residence X.

Well. We’ll see. 😉

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