I’ve given into The Man.

So, I’ve given up. I’ve given into The Math.

Long-time readers will recalls this blog entry from early August: Phone Cards vs. a Cell Phone.

Well, I’ve been using phone cards all year but… as it would turn out… I need a cell phone for my on-the-job training (which starts in less than 5 weeks). So, yeah.

Friday’s the day I sign over my soul. And if not Friday, then sometime during the next week. Whenever I get to the electronics place, I guess.

But in other news, I’m getting a new tattoo tomorrow afternoon! 😀 A big one! (I’ll post photos, don’t worry…)

And for the tech geeks among us (Really. Who isn’t a tech geek these days?), I’ll post photos of my new camera too. It’s gonna be red (naturally).


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