Kill Jill: Too Immature For Serious Journalism?

Am I too immature for serious journalism? I’d say almost certainly yes. I’ve never wanted to be a serious journalist. But I’ve learned that sometimes, the word journalist is French (or some other weird language) for detective. I don’t want to be a detective. If I wanted to be a detective, I would have spent a lot more time on my Harriet The Spy phase as a little kid.

Photo by Summer Luu.

Photo by Summer Luu.

(Not even joking. I did, in fact, go through a Harriet The Spy phase. Everything was fine… until my friends found my notebook and read some not-so-nice things that I wrote about them… But I digress.)

So, why would I want to even be a journalist then? So I can talk to famous people (and people more interesting than myself), write about it and then be able to say that I’ve met someone famous. Simple as that.

But yesterday morning, I was sitting in class with Jaclyn. The class was asked to think of professional adjectives that we could use on a résumé. I’m assuming we were supposed to think of phrases like “hard-working” and “team player”. But not me.

I’m trying to get all my need for humor and sarcasm out in the form of a comedy book I’m writing when I have a free minute- but it’s difficult to suppress one’s sense of humor when it’s as finely-tuned as mine. (See? Sarcasm. It’s everywhere. Like Herpes.)

Anyway, Jaclyn (who is about as mature as I am) and I kept whispering phrases to each other instead of suggesting serious phrases to the group. Our “professional adjectives” were more like the following:

  • consistently consistent
  • consistently lazy
  • modest about my genius writing and reporting talents
  • dynamic (but in an old-fashioned sort of way)
  • trend-setting
  • aggressive (muthafu**a!!)
  • professional (tee hee hee)
  • hilaaaaaaarious

So, I took a couple quizzes online and here’s what they had to say.

  1. This quiz said I’m acceptable. “You are getting the idea!”
  2. This quiz said, “Ooh. You still have some time to go before one can call you a mature person.”
  3. This quiz said, “You act like you are 19 years old.” (I guess that’s not so bad…)

One Response to “Kill Jill: Too Immature For Serious Journalism?”

  1. modest about my genius writing and reporting talents <<< this is my personal favorite

    I just found your blog in the directory I just signed up for. I enjoyed reading this, I think you won me over and I think I will keep reading your blog, haha.

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